Videos from the Second Edition

Below are video versions of a few of the figures from the book. I’ve included them here for the people reading it in print. Digital versions that can handle video have these embedded.

  1. Figure 2.6 This animated graph from Vanguard goes into detail about how much you stand to save by investing with the company, but the text above it perfectly conveys the spirit of the graphic.

  2. Figure 3.5 Contents Magazine’s website with a link anchoring to the navigation.

  3. Figure 4.6 Nichols College Graduate & Professional Studies site enhanced site navigation collapsed and expanded.

  4. Figure 4.12 North Shore Chiropractic uses vw units to zoom its design on larger screens. On top is the narrower “wide” version below the 64em cutoff; underneath is the design zoomed in when the browser width exceeds 64em.

  5. Figure 5.5 The tabbed interface on AlzForum’s site.

  6. Figure 5.6 A login form with validation error messages on Fidelity’s website.

  7. Figure 5.9 An accordion interface on