Front Cover of Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson


Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement

by Aaron Gustafson

For Kelly


Without the mentorship and assistance of so many of my friends and colleagues in this industry, not only would this book have never been written, but I would not have been in a position to write it. I’d like to take a moment to extend them my sincerest gratitude:

To Molly Holzschlag and Jeffrey Zeldman for taking me under their wings and helping hone my skills as both a speaker and writer. And to the numerous conference organizers and publications who’ve given me the opportunity to apply those skills.

To Carolyn Wood for helping shape some of my early drafts and to Krista Stevens for finding the crux of my arguments, streamlining my prose, and taming my inner wiseass.

To Craig Cook and Derek Featherstone for keeping my code on the straight and narrow and to the handful of early reviewers for giving me thoughtful advice (and corrections): Dan Cederholm, Simon Collison, Kristina Halvorson, Christian Heilmann, Whitney Hess, Jeremy Keith, Dan Rubin, and Jonathan Snook.

To the Easy Designs team for their attention to detail and invaluable assistance crafting this book: Jessica Martin, Daniel Ryan, Jessi Taylor, Matthew Turnure, and Laura Helen Winn.

To Veerle Pieters for making time in her busy schedule to design me an absolutely beautiful cover.

And, of course, to Kelly, for finding me the time to write this book, helping me organize my thoughts, and then pushing me to get it done.